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Learning the secrets of local recipes and testing the result is a favourite to all!! With all organic olive oil and ingredients a must, learning to create favourite dishes is an interesting and useful experience to take home with you.

The Cretan recipes are very simple, based on olive oil, fresh vegetables, bread, fish, meat and a variety of cheeses

We will shop together in our local open air markets, purchasing the best of all ingredients.

Together we’ll prepare our meal while sharing the secrets to it, hike for herbs, have a swim or perhaps snorkel while our food is roasting in wood ovens prepared with olive and birch branches.

So come along with us to a wonderful secluded village located right on the crystal clear blue water of the Aegean.

Our Cretan kitchen workshop has been developed with the utmost care and will be given by a pioneer in the cookery world.

The fact that the group will not consist of more than 8 members, guarantees the exclusivity, the individual approach and the personal contents in this workshop.

Travel should treat you to extraordinary flavors, scents and vintages. So we recommend an escape to do just that, right here in Crete.

Itanos tours is offering weeklong workshops in traditional Cretan cuisine. Be a part of the process learning how it’s done.

Going to the open air markets to choose for yourself from the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables used in almost all local dishes. You’ll learn first hand about fresh fish, olive oil, cheese, yogurt and more.

We also offer 2 and 3 day packages. Interested parties should contact us for our daily itinerary.

Each morning we will prepare a traditional Cretan breakfast together and discuss our daily program.

DAY 1 :
We will welcome our guests with a drink and a discussion on our weeklong workshops. The rest of the day has been set aside for you to become more acquainted with your surroundings. Have a stroll around Sitia or may we suggest a swim at Paradise Beach where a complementary sun bed and coffee await guests of the Itanos Hotel. We will prepare a special dinner to celebrate your arrival at our seaside tavern.

DAY 2:
After breakfast you will shop with our local experts for the fresh vegetables and meats necessary to prepare our evening meal.
We will visit the archaeological museum in Sitia followed by a coffee at our hotel.
At 1pm we will depart the hotel for Platani, there we will visit the Monastery of Marie the Faneromeni of Trachila, picnic and swim.
About 5pm we will arrive in the Village of Papadiokambos where will prepare dinner and explore the village while our food is cooking in the wood oven.
We will end the evening with Cretan music, foods and discussions on wine.

DAY 3:
After breakfast we will travel to the olive and wine orchards of Touplou Monastery (seasonal viewing). It is the center of organic oil and wine production. We will visit its monastery which was built in the 16th century around the temple of the Virgin Mary.
We’ll stop at the remains of ancient Itanos. The founding of this village can be traced back to prehistoric era and Homer provides the first written evidence of its existence. This city was destroyed by the Byzantines but it is believed to have been resettled in the Venetian times.
A swim and picnic lunch at Itanos Beach followed by an evening meal at our sea side hotel.

DAY 4:
After breakfast we will travel to the Village of Hamezi for a lesson on yogurt and cheese making.
Archaeologists have learned much about Minoan architecture from this village. A dwelling which was excavated near the village on a hill called “Souvlito Mouri” is considered a unique example.
We will visit Minoan ruins, the remarkably wealthy folklore museum followed by a lunch of local dishes.
Our return to Sitia in the early afternoon will provide you with leisure time to swim, shop or just rest. We will end our day with dinner at our sea side taverna and cocktails on our spectacular roof garden.

DAY 5:
After breakfast we will take you on a sightseeing trip to Kato Zakros. This is an archaeological paradise.
We will walk the gorge which is known as the “Gorge of the Dead” because the Minoans used to bury their dead there high up in the walls. This gorge forms part of the E4 walking trail which is easy walk in about an hour.
We will then swim, snorkel and picnic on the beach.
Dinner will be served at our seaside tavern in the evening.

DAY 6:
Today we’ll begin in the village of Roussa Ekklisia which is situated east of Sitia at a height of 340m. This village has a spectacular panoramic view of the sea.
In the center of this settlement you will find a massive oak tree as well as a historical spring.
Next we will visit two of the most important caves found in Crete “Katofigi and Peristeras” where much research is conducted each year. They are found near the settlement of Karidi. Karidi is where we will then have a lesson in tradional cooking by one of the local village women. We will prepare and feast on many customary dishes together with the locals.
The crystal clear blue water of Chonia is where we will swim, snorkel and sunbath.

DAY 7:
Today, our last day together is one for you to do your shopping, swim and snorkel on our beach here in Sitia or perhaps go back to one of the many places you had been to. We’ll leave that all up to you to decide.
But please, make an attempt to join us at our seaside tavern for a goodbye celebration. We’ll discuss our week, what you liked best, exchange e-mails and so on...




  • transportation to and from airport
  • accomodations : 7 nights hotel stay (double occupancy)
  • 3 meals a day
  • transportation to and from the workshop


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