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Soap Making PDF Print E-mail

If you have ever visited or travelled through eastern Crete the breath taking scenery and unspoilt place will have enchanted you. The main cultured product is the olive which grows in abundance and more than 90% of the olive oil produced is classified "extra virgin".

Olive oil is a great moisturizer, not because it has its own healing properties, but because it attracts external moisture, holds the moisture close to the skin and forms a films to prevent loss internal moisture. Olive oil soap is a real beauty product easy to be hand-made.

Cretan Cooking & Cuisine PDF Print E-mail

Learning the secrets of local recipes and testing the result is a favourite to all!! With all organic olive oil and ingredients a must, learning to create favourite dishes is an interesting and useful experience to take home with you.

The Cretan recipes are very simple, based on olive oil, fresh vegetables, bread, fish, meat and a variety of cheeses

We will shop together in our local open air markets, purchasing the best of all ingredients.

Together we’ll prepare our meal while sharing the secrets to it, hike for herbs, have a swim or perhaps snorkel while our food is roasting in wood ovens prepared with olive and birch branches.

So come along with us to a wonderful secluded village located right on the crystal clear blue water of the Aegean.

Wild Herb Knowledge and Collection on nature walks PDF Print E-mail

In our trekking expedition, you will find a variety of herbs, which for centuries have been used by the peoples of Crete to spice up every dish, meal, banquet of the indigenous cuisine of the island. Though many are known to the world, the soil of Crete gives it an aroma that is unique to the world.

Wild and untamed, the variety of spices will give every mouthful a new definition of color your concept of delicious. We will gather Rigani (oregano), Thymari (thyme), Faskomilo (sage), Diosmo (mint), Vassiliko (basil), Selino (wild celery), Anitho (dill), and then use them in a variety of delicious and authentic dishes, to show you what you have been missing on your table.


Pottery PDF Print E-mail

As far as the very roots of civilization, the craft of forming clay in to solid form has existed. Pottery is maybe the loudest testimony of Ancient Greece, proof of the inventive spirit that we share with antiquity.

When you sit at the potters-wheel, and make the art of your technique form earthenware, you will come to the closest parallel of the common prehistoric-historic man to use the earth of his birth, to make his imagination come alive. Just one of the activities with Itanos Tours that will give you a satisfying taste of what the real life here on Crete is, and that we here enjoy. We want you to enjoy it too.

Grapes & Wine Making and Distilling liquors PDF Print E-mail

The Old Testament says: “… And wine that makes glad the heart of man …” The drink of kings. Wine is the most ancient beverage of man, since the discovery of fermentation of grapes. We will impart to your soul the spirit of Dionysus, and reveille the art of wine making, as has been pasted down for thousands of years on Crete. You will taste the art that is wine, and we will rejoice in our hearts together with great merriment, in the year's new yield of the vine.

Olive Oil from A to Z PDF Print E-mail

Collect olives and prune the olive trees. Learn about the different types of Olives and their quality. Visit Olive oil extraction facilities that follow the old traditional way or modern methods. Learn about the different qualities of olive oil and learn about the values of Olive oil.

The olive Tree was a gift from the gods to the people. It keeps you healthy.

Sitia Olive oil has been considered the best in the world in competitions. The rich aroma and unique flavor are special. The winds that blow in the area in the hot summer months not only keep the people cool, but also the olive trees and the olives do not get hot. The winds from the sea, and the wild spices of sage, thyme, oregano and rosemary give the olives special aromas.