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Yoga & Meditation - Self Healing PDF Print E-mail

Self-knowledge. Liberation. Peace. The objective of Yoga, and here in Crete you will find how easy it is to reach this plateau, away from chaos and ‘civilized’ distractions. Away from clocks, and schedules, and hectic running. You will feel the energy of the land wipe away your stress, and allow you to make progress on the road to both physiological and spiritual mastery, and in conclusion, to Nirvana. On Crete, you will open your ‘eyes’.


Landscape Painting PDF Print E-mail

Every stroke of the brush, an expression for the pallet of colors in your imagination. Every flower, every thorn bush, every eroded rock, jagged hill, and severed mountain side. Olive groves as far as the eye can see inland, and the sea’s unique turquoise blue to the far horizon. Little of creative ability will be needed, for the scenery will put in to your canvas. Many have found Crete to have intensified the color of its land and sea, so visitors could wonder if they have spent a life time seeing black and white.


You will continue painting even with out the brush or canvas, for every moment here will a creative experience, even if just looking.