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Universal Diving Club founded in 1991, is based in Sitia, Crete. Its goal is to provide training in scuba diving. The school employs the most experienced individuals in scuba sector.

Universal Diving Club has as its first priority the safety of the trainees in conjunction with the recreation scuba diving offers. Currently it is open to all those really interested in a risk-free sport, low cost and most pleasing. Sitia region has the most beautiful and cleaner beaches all over Crete. The undersea world is truly exceptional and that’s why our Club has chosen this area for diving.

Daylong-Weeklong Activity

This activity is offered on a daylong or a weeklong base. The weeklong program includes training lessons for those not experienced in diving. Day by day the program will be a little bit more difficult according to the learning progress.

The Club offers:

  • full scuba diving equipment, Scuba tanks, Boots - Flaps, Masks - Snorkels, Suits
  • Transportation to-from diving points

Submersion Over a Shipwreck

Universal Diving Club organizes and carries out dives over the single in perfect shape shipwreck of east Crete. (Minimum participants 3. Pre-agreement is obligatory due to weather conditions in the area).

Boat Trips

We offer boat trips and guides to all who like boat trips. In the surrounding area are many beaches only approachable over water. These small beaches around Vai are the best for all those seeking relaxation and recollection in a remote place. We arrange to take you there and return to pick you up at the time you wish.

These trips are available whenever requested and can be combined with underwater conducted tour.

The trips are divided in the following subcategories:

  • Aboard a boat without diving equipment
  • Aboard a fast boat without diving equipment
  • Aboard a boat - with diving equipment - scuba dive

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