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Fishing, Snorkeling and Sea Exploration PDF Print E-mail

For all who live here this is a summertime daily activity and a must for those who enjoy the beauty of the sea from within as well as swimming. Snorkel around and view sea life and all its colourful creatures or take part in fishing activity, using all modern techniques.

Scuba Diving PDF Print E-mail

Universal Diving Club founded in 1991, is based in Sitia, Crete. Its goal is to provide training in scuba diving. The school employs the most experienced individuals in scuba sector.

Kayaking PDF Print E-mail
Together we will explore the sea-line of Eastern Crete, using nothing more but the strength of our arms, and a sense of adventure. We will flow only where the Kayak may take us, in inlet, sheer cliffs and sea caves that are known or we may discover, taking in what is truly Crete; the mystery of the Sea.
Sailing and Windsurfing PDF Print E-mail

Freedom. The cool unique Aegean breeze rejuvenating your skin. The soft sea spray of every wave that caresses the bow of our 47 foot Bavaria, and the fathomless blue Cretan sky in every corner of your eye. We in invite you to embrace this freedom with your family or friends, when you sail with us the Cretan coast, on your vacation with Itanos Tours.

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Like Sailing, Windsurfing needs but one word; Freedom. But more like lightning in the sail, nothing more than “radical”. Whether you sail the novice winds of “Kouremenos”beach, or dare to take on the waves and winds of “Analepsy’s” reef, you will not remain uninspired. Just one of the activities with Itanos Tours that will keep you coming back.