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In an altitude of 420 m in a small tableland lies the village of Agios Stefanos. The way from the beach to the village is magnificent and the view fantastic feeling the Lybian Sea right in front of you. From the archeological finds one can come to a conclusion that the area was inhabited since the first geometric times (9th B.C. century).


The old name of the village was Gras, a name with unkown source of origin. They say that it could be an ancient name of a Venetian leader. The local people have a traditional little story for the village's name: they say that when the Sarakini (around the 9th B.C. century) were occupying the village the inhabitants were defending their village fortress called "fortetsa" which the enemies could not easily conquer.

An old woman betrayed the only secret way in and so the Sarakini conquered the village, killed all the defenders, the women and the children only left alive and that old woman. In Greek old woman means "gra" and so the village was called after her. A second version is that the Sarakini, when they entered in the village, they found only an old woman ("gra") who never betrayed where the others were, so they killed her in a place called Lougara and that's why the village was named after her.