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In an altitude of 400m at the foot of the mountain Koprokefalas almost in the middle of the District of Sitia one can find a beautiful mountain village. It's 11,5 km from Koutsoura and 31km from the city of Sitia. 150 people is the today's population of this village who have as their major occupation agriculture and farming. The village has a lot of interesting points that one must definitely come to know.

Nothwest of the village Chrissopigi and along the way to Bebona, at Stavros, there is a cave with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites which unfortunately is not open to the public since 1986, as the official cave organisation have not yet completed the necessary works which will allow visitors in the cave.

There are many nice places and happenings in this village such as picturesque old churches, peaceful areas around the rivers and a variety of culture association's functions during the summer period.