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A village in Sitia Province, 35 km southeast of Sitia city, belonging to the Municipality of Makri Yialo. The region seems to be inhabited since the New Stone Age years, which can be proved by certain observations i.e. signs of New Stone inhabitants can be seen in the cave of Vreikou, olive trees over 5000 years old and ancient ruins since the Minoan years at Kastelopoulos, Kastelos, Karatias Hieghts, Laggo, Gourna and Diaskari near Analypsis.

The village was destroyed by the Sarakenians in 823, was built and inhabited by Byzantine inhabitants in the period of 961-1204. It was destroyed by Turks invaders in 1471, was rebuilt from the ones that survived in the same area and was given the name Pefki which exists till today. "Mikros" or "Pera Gras" were the names given to this village during the times of Sarakini and Eneti (823- 1471).The sight-seeing of the village is "Estavromenos" mountain with the same little church on top of it. Being at the top of this mountain the visitors can see the whole region of Pefki and a major part of this Province. The Vreikou and Apoloustres caves having valuable amounts of stalactites and stalagmites, were used as shelters to those that were hunted during difficult times.

The ancient area of the village Gourna. The Elias water mill, the gorge of Pefki together with the ones of Vreikou and Katsoukli, the Pisokaminou ravine, the Volakas of Sarakinou, the ancient renovated group of houses of Asprod Potamos, the Diaskari with its lovely beach and the further up ancient ruins since Hellenistic times, the village and its whole region have easy connection from Analypsi of Makri Yalo with a small turn in the road Sitia-Ierapetra.

The Pefki gorge

This starts at the village of Pefki and comes out at the small hamlet of Aspcos Potamos near Makry Yialos . The shaping of the rocks where the water has sculpted its way through the gorge is something to arouse the visitor's interest.