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Lefki is the south-east edge of Sitia province with basic elements the group of houses Xerokambos, the island Koufonissi, the villages Ziros, Chandras, Armeni and the picturesque small villages of the region. At a height of 590m there is the tableland of Armeni, Chandra and Ziros. A reach valley planted with grapevines produce the fine wine of Oropediou from the variety "Vilana".

The inhabitants of the region with great respect to their historical tradition continue even today to have traditional occupation such as farming, agriculture productions such as olive, wine bell-makers and shepherds. The capital of Lefki is the village of Ziros with nice little streets, the historical Church of Agia Paraskevi which has very important wall paintings.

The group of houses "Xerokambos" which has beautiful, clean beaches belong to Letki. It's a magnificent place for vacations, far away from the noises of the city but with complete comfort. The local hotel owners are famous for their hospitality. One can taste pure traditional Cretian cooking and very fresh fish.

Some kilometers southwest of Xerokambos another discovery! ITie island "Koufonissi". No one has touched its grounds. Not even one building. Only sand beaches at this southern part of Crete! Koufonissi at ancient times used to be a passage for traders who were interested in the purchase of "porfyra", i.e. the red colour taken from the shells found in the sea around Koufonissi. The only evidence of a far existing human presence if the ancient theater which was found on the island in very good condition. In the center of the land one can find a lot of historical monuments especially in "Voila" and in "Etia".

"Voila" is a deserted Middle Age village which later was conquered by the Turks and their Chief used the Tower as his residence. "Etia" is also a deserted village which has a great history since the Eneti times. The "Serai" of Etia in other words the three-store villa which still exists is the evidence of the savage pass of Memetaka, the Turk officer who was horror for the Greeks at the time of the Turkish occupation.

In summer time it is nice to go to the festivities (panigyria) which take place in the villages of the region and have a good time with the locals in a very traditional way which of course mean lots of local foods and wines.