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Lithines is situated 25 km from Sitia City specifically in the Eastern part of Crete and on the road which joins the District's capital with Ierapetra and belongs to the Municipality of Makri Yialo.

It's one of the richest villages of the District carrying a glorious historical past. Lithines got its name after the Byzantine humble leader Loucas Litinos who came to Crete with his relatives in 1182. In the middle of the village Lithines there was a Venetian three-floors tower. In 1828 140 unarmed Turks and 250 women and children were locked inside. The leader of the Greek revolutionaries G.Tsouderos tried to blow up the tower but he didn't succeed. But the confusion caused and the fire were enough to burn all the Turks. Unfortunately this tower nowadays it's totally destroyed.

Lithines is famous for their churches. The most important is the church of Vergin Mary of Lithines which has its main little temple built out of stone and the icon of Vergin Mary can make miracles. When it was built it's not known, but it's estimated around the 15th century a.C. when Crete had its complete building renaissance in churches and monasteries. In the interior of the south wall the rows of plates can still be seen. These plates were put in the wall by the builders after a vow. Tradition reports that the workers were eating only bread and olives avoiding meat and even nowadays if meat is brought in front of the church it gets rotten.

The church has magnificent portable icons such as the icon of Vergin Mary, of St John the evangelist, of St George, of the Crucifixion, of Christ and of Vergin Mary with the Child. The day of celebration for Vergin Mary is the 8th of September with festivities lasting two days where one can have a great time in an original Cretian way.