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The monastery of Kapsas, a monument to the tradition and the legend of the Sitia province, is situated in between Makry Yialo and Goudouras.

It can be reached by car, on the road towards Kalo Nero, or for those who enjoy walking, by foot through the Pervolakia gorge (see Climbing or Mountain hikes).

The monastery which is devoted to Saint John the Baptist, performs a ceremonial celebration on the 29th of August, open to the public that comes to bow to the relics of Gerontogiannis.

Gerontogiannis is a legendary figure, a monk that came to live at the monastery in 1841, according to the local record. Several people of the contemporary society called his life in question. He was a cheap thief and he would often come to contradiction with the local people, which was the reason to be chased out by the authorities. He found shelter at the Monastery and begun a new era in hi life in a totally different dimension. It is claimed that he could see apparitions of god, that he could cure illness by his touch, he could turn sea into fresh water, and that he could get through to Koufonisi island walking on his coat that he laid on the sea. His activities attracted several faithful people who came to the monastery hoping to cure their, medical problems. He died at the age of 74 and his relics continue to attract people who come every year to bow.