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It's a lovely group of houses viewing the Lybian Sea. One of the best places of East Crete for holidays. It's name comes from the real sandy and warm beach, one of the best in Crete. Many visitors enjoy the clean waters and the relaxation lying on the beach under the sun near the sea.

Minoan Villa
It's in a place called Plakakia in Makri Yalo. A villa from the after-minoan times (around 1500-1450 b.C.). Surrounded by farms the villa in spite of its small size has a big importance in archeological finds and especially for its architectonic structure which reminds the Minoan Palaces. It was destroyed possibly by fire.

Greek-Roman Villa
It's in a place called Katovigli in Makri Yalo and is 3 acres big. For the history of East Crete this villa is a major monument. Its finds are of the 2nd b.C. century till the 4th b.C. century. The villa follows all the known luxurious Roman installations such as bath-rooms with swimming pools, decorated floors etc. Life in this villa is evaluated to be of around 5 centuries and ended when a big disaster destroyed the luxurious villa and its expensive decors.

The Castle ("Castelo" or "Fortetsa")
In high rocky hills one can see the ruins of the Venetian castle. Although it can be seen from all the points of the area, only one way exists from the south that one can reach the castle. All the other points are vertical and it is very difficult to pass. No one knows when exactly was built. According to some information it existed during the times of Byzantine and the Enetians enforced it at the times of the Turkish invasions to the island. It is proved that the Venetian Castle was built on an ancient acropolis most probably in the geometrical times.