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1,5 km East of Sitia lies the traditional "PETRAS" group of houses. Further up from today's "PETRAS", a Minoan city is being excavated. A major building of the late Minoan Period with luxurious rooms of the roof which was destroyed has been revealed. Many more buildings have been excavated and worthwhile objects and items were found.

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It's a lovely group of houses viewing the Lybian Sea. One of the best places of East Crete for holidays. It's name comes from the real sandy and warm beach, one of the best in Crete. Many visitors enjoy the clean waters and the relaxation lying on the beach under the sun near the sea.

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Stavrohori according to tradition originated from Koutsoura. But the barbarians' and the pirates' invasions forced the inhabitants to move up north, i.e. Vlanga, Tsikalaria, Arhes, Varvari, Strabodoxari, for safety reasons. Most probably it took its name from a Byzantine leader or from a twisted bow of a musical instrument..

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A village in Sitia Province, 35 km southeast of Sitia city, belonging to the Municipality of Makri Yialo. The region seems to be inhabited since the New Stone Age years, which can be proved by certain observations i.e. signs of New Stone inhabitants can be seen in the cave of Vreikou, olive trees over 5000 years old and ancient ruins since the Minoan years at Kastelopoulos, Kastelos, Karatias Hieghts, Laggo, Gourna and Diaskari near Analypsis.

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A new tourism group of houses of Pefki. Clean sea honoured with a "Blue Flag", nice, clean beaches from Makri Yialo till Lagada. Hotels, beautiful villas and rooms for rent, a variety of shops offer comfortable services to the thousands of local and foreign tourists.

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The monastery of Kapsas, a monument to the tradition and the legend of the Sitia province, is situated in between Makry Yialo and Goudouras.

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In an altitude of 400m at the foot of the mountain Koprokefalas almost in the middle of the District of Sitia one can find a beautiful mountain village. It's 11,5 km from Koutsoura and 31km from the city of Sitia. 150 people is the today's population of this village who have as their major occupation agriculture and farming. The village has a lot of interesting points that one must definitely come to know.

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Ahlia Beach (Galini)
Lovely beach with unique beauty in the region of Ahlia part of Shinokapsalon. Every year in summer time is full of foreign visitors because of the worthwhile beach and the very clean sea. Tha Ahlia beach is famous for the perfect climate during the summer period which gives the visitors the chance to enjoy their holidays under the golden sun and the blue sea. Top things that Ahlia is surrounded by.

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In an altitude of 420 m in a small tableland lies the village of Agios Stefanos. The way from the beach to the village is magnificent and the view fantastic feeling the Lybian Sea right in front of you. From the archeological finds one can come to a conclusion that the area was inhabited since the first geometric times (9th B.C. century).


The Moni Kapsa gorge PDF Print E-mail

This is a rather difficult walk of about two hours starting in the Perivolakia area and ending at the historical Monastery of Moni Kapsa. It was recently marked by the Sitia mountain climbing Society.

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It exists between Makri Yalo and lerapetra, coming from the west of the region following the road beginning from the group of houses "Galini" along 6 km way full of trees and green valleys. Another way to reach it is coming from the east to the north following the road from the group of houses "Agios Panteleimonas".

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Lithines is situated 25 km from Sitia City specifically in the Eastern part of Crete and on the road which joins the District's capital with Ierapetra and belongs to the Municipality of Makri Yialo.

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Lefki is the south-east edge of Sitia province with basic elements the group of houses Xerokambos, the island Koufonissi, the villages Ziros, Chandras, Armeni and the picturesque small villages of the region. At a height of 590m there is the tableland of Armeni, Chandra and Ziros. A reach valley planted with grapevines produce the fine wine of Oropediou from the variety "Vilana".

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Hamezi is a village of the district of Sitia and lies at a 10km dinstance from Sitia city on the axis of the traditional street of Sitia-Iraklio. It's built on the hills of the small mountain range of "Tripokefala" which lie at 400m altitude. When you're here your eye sight the horizon which lies extensively enough from the other side mountains to the Karpathian high sea. Every morning, through the morning clean atmosphere you can see Kasos and Karpathos like two pieces which were seperated from cape "Sideros" and were thrown away from the high sea.

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A village and an ex-community of the district of Sitia, lies in the Northwest of Sitia city, at an altitude of 583m. It has 508 residents, who keep themselves occupied by producing olive oil, raisins, wine and with the cultivation of some gardening products. About where its name came from, there are many acceptations.