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For the visitors who will choose to visit or stay in Sitia, there is a variety of culture and folklore treasures that one must definiterly “conquer” before leaving Sitia:

  • Visit the Archeological and the Culture Museum with worthwhile exhibits.
  • The Archeological Museum of Sitia is one of the most important district Museums of Creege. It gathers a lot of exhibits from all the regions of Sitia Province, which cover a period of about 4.000 years from the New Stone Age (3.500b.C.) till the Byzantine Period (500 a.C.). In this Museum one can see finds of great value such as the unique gold-ivory small statue from the Minoan period which was found in Palekastro amongst many more
  • Enjoy the bay of Sitia from the Venetian Castle of Kazarma, especially during the summer nights. The well designed area is suitable decorated for festivities such as the “Kornaria”, a feast to honor Vitsentzos Kornaros.
  • Taste the fresh fruits products of the Sitian land.
  • Enjoy the marvelous taste of the traditional sweets like the famous “kaltsounia” (small sweet pies filledd with local cheese) and the “xerotigana” (fried pastry with honey).
  • Feel the unique aroma from the Cretan Sea while you enjoy a meal or a drink at the picturesque “tavernas” by the port.
  • Discover the traditional tastes in restaurants built on the roofs of some old noble houses or hidden in a cozy corner of the town.

Visit archeological sites spread all over the town's surroundings. Come to know Sitia town by driving individually through its roads, which can give the opportunity to come closer to the simplicity and the kindness of the people of this southeast Europian city.

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The district of Sitia, the largest area on Crete is noteable for its unusual wild beauty. The narrow gorges, the impressive craggy mountains enclosing upland plateaus offer a combination of the beauties of nature that welcome those who seek to know them. Even though the region lacks large forested tracks it is home to an important number of endemic plants and also some rare animals.


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A new foundation in Sitia is the Exhibition Museum of Local Products, which is operated by responsibility of the agriculture common-acts of Sitia. Its goal is to promote the local products and its aim to have an economical development in the region and to endure the local production. The main products which are worldwide known is the famous olive oil of Sitia, the local Cretan wine, the honey, the dry fruits and many other products of the country.


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